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Salt Cabin

Salt Cabin is the latest and the most original method of application of rock salt and the sea salt for inhalation, rehabilitation, prophylactics, relaxation and health protection. Inside you will find a specific microclimate with its exceptional bacteriological cleanliness.
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The Salt Cabin for iodic inhalation is built on the plan of a hexagon and comes in a variety of sizes. It is based on a Scandinavian design and is made of high quality timber.

All cabins are fully furnished and can accommodate up to twelve people comfortably. They are also equipped with the latest air conditioning and ventilation, a safe electrical supply and a built-in hifi system; ensuring a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing experience.

Proper lighting creates a unique mood that effect relaxing on all the participants of session. Crystals Salt and Salt Lamps effectively improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions and create combinations of colours cum in the color therapy. The floor is covered with the thick layer of salt (about 1t). along the ceiling goes a wicker collar fulfilled with salt lumps.

The cabin atmosphere is constantly infused with a dispersion of health giving ions. These come from a special wicker column in the center and a waterfall on one of the walls, which are fed from above with a fresh supply of salt. Those two things change the humidity in the Cabin up to 90% and allow patients with various conditions to benefit. Including those with rheumatism or skin conditions and catarrh and asthmatic conditions. A session in a salt cabin allows the non-invasive and entirely natural supplementation of microelements such as: iron, bromine, copper and selenium.


Tężnia pionowa wykonana z witek brzozowych, po której spływa specjalny roztwór solanki jodowo-bromowej

Health benefits :

  • The presence of iodised negative ions in the environment destroys harmful micro organisms providing numerous benefits to the human body both internally and externally
  • The atmosphere is beneficial to those suffering from asthma and other lung related diseases, prolonged catarrh, faucet, prolonged and converting pneumonia, diseases of utensils and heart, metabolic disturbances, stomach diseases, gastric and duodenal ulcer, allergy, neuroses, depression and thyroids problems
  • The presence of salts in the environment is also known to have a positive effect on skin aging
  • Subtle illumination of the salt rocks combined with the appropriate music enriches the salt cabin’s calming and tranquil atmosphere
  • Color Therapy is that when you absorb color energy through the nervous system, to the part of the body that needs it. Each body has its own optimum state of well-being and is constantly seeking of ways to maintain or restore a balanced state. Utilizing COLOUR is one way you can help yourself to harmony.
  • Relaxo therapy –the best method on relaxing the mind and the relaxation of body after all day stresses

The advantages of Salt Cabin:

  • Small places requirement – about 10m2
  • It doesn’t require any permission
  • It doesn’t need any special foundation (it is enough to harden the ground)
  • It is possible to dismantle the Cabin and build again in another place
  • You save place in a main building
  • Salt cabin can be used by many people at time on a relatively small surface
  • Low exploitation costs
  • Lower costs of investment in comparison with traditional salt grotto
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Whether you're in the Hotel, Health Spa or Leisure and entertainment business, the addition of these beautiful Salt cabins, with their unique health giving and relaxing atmospheres, will significantly enrich your customers' experience.

Salt cabins are also available for private purchase; just imagine your very own cabin, complimenting your garden beautifully.

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