Your own Sauna even in your garden!

The house is made of pine wood on a plan of either a hexagon or an octagon. It is available in three basic versions: 7.00 m2, 9.9 m2 and 17.00 m2. There is enough space for 4-8 people. It is equipped in three thermo isolated windows and a glazed door. The walls are 45 mm thick and 1290 mm high. For example: the diameter of the house of the surface 9.9 m2 is 4m, the walls are 3m high.


 Outfit of Sauna:

  • Stove for wood with a container for water,
  • Volcanic stones to stove,
  • 3 wooden benches 1.8m each,
  • Wooden floor,
  • Thermo isolated windows,
  • Roof warmed with mineral wool,
  • The ceiling covered with 2cm thick timber,
  • Capability of execution a cloak room and a rest room with shower box,
  • Capability to substitute a timber charred stove to electric stove,

Advantages of Garden Sauna:

  • Realisation possible on a small possession,
  • It doesn’t require any permit,
  • It doesn’t need special foundation (proper ground only),
  • You can dismantle the Sauna House and build in another place,
  • You save place in a main building,

You save electric power while using timber charred stove.

Sauna benefits:

  • Relieves Pain & helps you Relax,
  • Burns Calories & weight loss,
  • Increases Blood Circulation,
  • Removes Toxins fatigue and decreases,
  • Beauty Skin & improves sleeping
chata(y) solna(e)

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