Barbecue in Winter!

The House is assigned to use all year long. All its elements are produced due to a Scandinavian technology, according to the highest norms of qualities, that assures the comfort and satisfaction to all participants of fests. After lighting the fire we get temperature +20 C inside, even in severe winter, without any additional source of heat.

House is made of pine wood on plan of hexagon or octagon. It is available in three basic versions: 7.00 m2, 9.9 m2 and 17.00 m2. There is enough space for 10-25 persons. It is equipped with three thermo isolated windows and a glazed door. The walls are 45 mm thick and 1290 mm high. For example: the diameter of the house of the surface 9.9 m2 is 4m, the walls are 3m high.

The House doesn’t require laying the foundations. It is enough to prepare proper parquet according to instruction.

Wall units as well as floor and roof are executed with carefully selected and prepared timbers. Wooden construction of roof is covered with bituminous tile that is available in several typefaces and in different colouristic versions. There’s also a possibility to cover the roof with other material, for example reed or shingle. On wish of client we can furnish the house to optional amount of windows. The customer can choose the shape and the colour of shingle without any additional charges.

The house is furnished with the universal fireplace with places for:
  • grilling,
  • barbecue and frying,
  • 6 worktops around the hearth
  • and chimney hood with regulation of height.

Additional outfit:

6 reindeer skins, Wood dishes for 7 persons: plates, silver with birch handles, big and small mugs made from birch trunks, Clock, Thermometer, Guest book, Powder on potency made from    the horn of reindeer, Suitable equipment, Kitchen gloves, 2 bottles in form of binoculars, Bottle opener in form of a phone, Special pan “Murikka” for frying meat, Santa Claus – a mascot, 2 wood frames.

chata(y) solna(e)

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